Peter Zobel is a multi-faceted collaborator who has created and directed a variety of productions ranging from international gala shows, product launches to virtual studio productions, circus shows as well as bespoke videos for exhibitions and museums.

His early feature film and documentary video work have been aired on public television and shown at international film festivals.



After literature and theatre studies, Zobel graduated as a writer/director with a degree from the national University of Television and Film (HFF) in Munich.

A storyteller at heart, he is a multidisciplinary craftsman up to date with the newest developments in his many fields. 

Raised as a true trilingual in Tokyo, Zobel is valued for his expertise and skills on international projects.

Following Munich, Dusseldorf and Amsterdam, he maintains his base in Berlin, continues writing theatre plays and teaching as a guest lecturer at academies, and remains on the watch for new challenges and opportunities internationally.